Whontha-nara city tour: Bologna attraverso gli occhi di un migrante

Una città differente: BOLOGNA CITY TOUR attraverso gli occhi di un migrante

6. Dicembre 2017 // alle ore 14
3. Gennaio // 7. Febbraio // 7. Marzo

con degustazione di cibo africano, te e biscotti. Punto di incontro: Piazza del Nettuno

lingue: Italiano & Inglese (optional)

In Bologna there is only little contact between newcomers and the civic society, between immigrants and tourists. Especially tourists usually have no possibility to get out of their “touristic” perspective.
Therefore, Whontha-Nara does not only provide a platform for contact between immigrants, tourists and Bologna´s inhabitants, but also challenges the public picture of immigrants that is produced by the media. The word Whontha-Nara comes from the indigenous Soso language from Guinea and means “be and walk together”.
During the tour the free walking tour, group visits together places that are important for the newcomers, such as the public library, an halal butcher or an employment service. People that attend the tour experience that immigrants are not only the one in need of help, but rather self-determined individuals who tell self-confident about their newcomer-perspective. Visitors get so the possibility to change their perspective and experience a completely different part of the life in the city. For tourists, the participation in the Whontha-Nara-Tour will be further a door-opener to a Bologna that otherwise would remain unnoticed to traveler’s eyes.

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